HiFi & Radio

If you're looking to buy a radio you've come to the right place! If you browse below you'll also find a comfortable high spec pair of headphones to accompany our radios.

We cover all bases with our range, whether it's compact CD and radio system you're after, a trendy Sony digital radio or a classic AM/FM radio to have on in the background.

Be sure to get your new radio from Preslec today.

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  1. Akai A61005 Radio.
  2. Akai A61005C Radio.
  3. Goodmans Canvas GS1886 Slate Grey DAB Radio
  4. Goodmans Canvas GS1892 Copper DAB Radio
  5. Goodmans Canvas GS1894 Steel DAB Radio
  6. Groove GV7331 Cd & Radio Boombox
  7. Lloytron LY2402 AM FM Radio
  8. Panasonic RC-D8EB-K DAB Clock Radio
  9. Panasonic RF-D10EBK DAB FM Radio
  10. Panasonic RF2400 FM/AM Radio